Small Companies – Weak Link in Security Chain

In a recent article for BBC News,  Professor Alan Woodward outlines the vulnerabilities imposed on cyber-security by weak security practices at smaller organizations. “They may not think they have any data worth stealing but even the smallest company can be custodian to information that represents hard cash to criminal gangs: credit card details, customers’ names […]

Thinking About Data Privacy in Outsourcing

Two forces are shaping privacy and security in outsourcing: Companies’ increased use of outsourcing driven by the desire to achieve greater efficiency coupled with a rapidly evolving privacy and security environment. What your vendor partner does with your company’s data (or that of YOUR customers) and how it protects—or fails to protect—it can put your […]

Protecting Corporate Information

A business’s information is as important an asset as anything physical it owns.  Many breaches of privacy or releases of sensitive information are inadvertent and can be prevented by educating employees about confidentiality and then checking in frequently to confirm compliance. Ensuring that employees follow the right procedures will: Protect your business by keeping trade […]

Five Habits Of Highly Secure Organizations

Ben Rothke of Wyndham Worldwide lays out five important habits of highly secure organizations.

Companies take 80 days to Discover a Data Breach

Solera Networks has published the results of a global study based on the answers provided by over 3,500 IT and IT security professionals whose organizations suffered at least one data breach in the past 24 months. Made by the Ponemon Institute on behalf of Solera, “The Post Breach Boom” report shows some interesting things about […]

Appearance on Entrepreneur Radio

Click this Link to hear Ken’s Interview with Jon Freedman and Greg Stoller

Did Sandy knock out your Corporate email?

Kaliber is a Premier Reseller of  Perimeter E-Security’s Archive Anywhere product which provides online access to email history PLUS access to corporate email even if your corporate or email hosting servers are unavailable. The cloud-based Archive Anywhere service provides an alternative to remote Web portal access, helping organizations of all sizes provide easy, safe and […]