Our Approach

How We Do It

“Knowledge isn’t power, applied knowledge is power.” Kaliber Data Security’s proven process and methodology ensures that your security strategy, policy, plan, and assets are optimally designed, developed, implemented, and working for you – fast.

Our process includes:

  • Working with you to assess your threats and compliance requirements
    • Evaluating mitigating controls that may have already been deployed
    • Focusing on vulnerabilities for which no control has yet been implemented
  • Designing, developing and delivering custom-tailored:
    • Security strategy that supports and reconciles with your business strategy
    • Security position dashboard to visually monitor, measure, and manage your security strategy in action
    • Policy documentation
    • End-user training
    • Cloud based security offerings for:
      • Data Loss Prevention
      • Encryption
      • Monitoring

Kaliber Data Security’s success is also built on our partnerships with leading Managed Security Service providers, who offer superior functionality and support.