Who We Are

Kaliber Data Security understands that you and your team are not in the data security business, but your data security needs are no less critical than those of the largest enterprise.

It is Kaliber Data Security’s unique position and perspective that directs our approach to equip and enable you to secure your business information. We know that you and your team are your first and best line of protection, and that effective data security starts with you understanding your needs, risk, vulnerabilities, consequences, and options. Unlike many technology-centered data security providers who start and end only with the latest technology solutions, Kaliber is your trusted business advisor. We know that the only way to effectively equip and enable you to implement and execute custom-tailored data security starts with us learning your business through listening, attentiveness, communication, and collaboration.

Ken Leeser

Founder & President

Ken has been a leader in the information processing and data security fields since the mid-1980’s.

From 1986 to 2007 Ken led organizations which provided information systems and consulting to major professional services firms focused on improving processes and helping employees use information more effectively and more securely.

Ken established Kaliber Data Security and Compliance Consultants, LLC in 2009 with the goal of helping organizations understand their data security posture and educating and training management and employees in the proper use and protection of  confidential and proprietary information and systems.

Ken holds Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University. He graduated from the Graduate School of Business Administration at Harvard University with an MBA.