Who We Help

Kaliber Data Security works with you and your team to assure that you have a meaningful, common understanding of your security strategy and plan, ensuring your collective confidence, comfort, commitment and compliance.

Kaliber Data Security affords you the peace of mind that comes with better understanding of your data security situation, combined with a custom-tailored information security strategy, plan, and support. This knowledge frees you and your management team to focus on your business.

Kaliber Data Security’s clients include:

  • Professional service firms, entrusted with highly confidential client data, often subject to regulatory compliance, including:
    • Law firms
    • Accounting firms
    • Mortgage brokers
    • Wealth managers
  • Healthcare organizations that face regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, and want to streamline their compliance efforts
  • Non-profit organizations that face regulatory requirements and are greatly concerned with protecting the personal information of their donors
  • Energy Companies entering the age of the Smart Grid and granular usage reporting which are introducing new threats and increased technical vulnerabilities

Kaliber Data Security helps you avoid the consequences of deficient data security.

These consequences often include:

  • Under-protecting critical data or over-protecting non-sensitive data
  • Direct costs for fines, notifications, customer service support, credit monitoring, customer incentives, restitution, card replacement, etc.
  • Damage to the firm’s reputation and brand
  • Defection of affected customers
  • Opportunity cost of lost business from current and future customers
  • Degradation of company value
  • Audits for as many as 20 years
  • Lawsuits
  • Jail time