Businesses need to be concerned about Identity Theft, too!

It is  not only individuals who are at risk from identity theft–U.S. businesses lose billions of dollars a year from it, as well. This problem can arise from a breach of your data at the hands of either a cyber-criminal or a disgruntled former employee. It doesn’t always end in cash being siphoned from your company, but your reputation can potentially take a pounding.

According to security expert Robert Siciliano, identity thieves will often create an online profile filled with your company’s details, which they’ll use to steal cash by collecting what customers think are legitimate payments to your company–and once you have this black mark against your business’ name, it’s a real headache to reverse. For this reason, it’s important to monitor your company’s credit and bank accounts on a regular basis, as well as taking tangible steps to safeguard their identity and valuable data.

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