“Professionals Developed Enforceable, Understandable Policies”

  • Situation: The client is a major non-profit with offices throughout Massachusetts, which also offers out-sourced services to similar non-profits nationwide.
  • Challenge: Client needed to provide clear, concise, enforceable policies as they moved their data operations from internally managed solutions to cloud-hosted services.
  • Solution: Kaliber’s Certified Information Security Professionals worked with their HR, IT and compliance departments to tailor policies around the use of mobile devices such as phones and tablets, and the use of public computers and laptops.
  • Results: Our client distributed policy to 750 employees who now have access to mobile device management guidelines that have a clear purpose and outcome. The staff recognizes the security problems that cloud hosted platforms introduce and can follow a policy where outcomes are clearly stated in a way that everyone can understand.  They know why the policy has been implemented and what the policy expectations are.