Certified Information Security Professionals

Is your own IT staff creating Data Security Vulnerabilities?

According to a recent survey, university computer science programs are not focusing enough on computer security skills and are churning out IT graduates who may present a “risk to their own organization” .  The survey goes on to say, “Colleges and universities are graduating great software developers and web designers but many of them do not know how to design securely.  Consequently, under-skilled IT staff can be a gateway for hackers to get into the rest of the organization.”

Many of today’s graduates have an abstract knowledge of info security, but few of them know how to manage an IT Security Program, spot illicit attachments, run a penetration test or develop secure code. The result: dangers from ongoing security gaps and inadequate IT security plans.

You can reduce risk while training your IT professionals by hiring a Kaliber Certified Information Security Professional to implement the systems and structures of a solid Data Security Program:

The Certifications achieved by Kaliber’s professionals were designed by active security specialists and comply with the most current security best practices and techniques.

In order to receive the certification our professionals must have at least 4 years of experience in a range of security domains of security and have to pass comprehensive exams.

In addition, to achieve certification he or she has to be recommended (endorsed) by one of the current members. This guarantees that the system is self-regulated since no one wants their credentials to lose their power.

Contact us today to learn how our Certified Information Security Professionals can help oversee your IT Data Security program and protect your systems and assets from inadvertent or malicious loss.