Companies take 80 days to Discover a Data Breach

Solera Networks has published the results of a global study based on the answers provided by over 3,500 IT and IT security professionals whose organizations suffered at least one data breach in the past 24 months.

Made by the Ponemon Institute on behalf of Solera, “The Post Breach Boom” report shows some interesting things about data breaches.

It turns out that, on average, it takes a company 80 days to discover a malicious breach and over four months to address it.

The study also reveals the fact that data breaches increased in both severity and frequency by 53 percent in the past 24 months.

63% of the respondents admitted that it would help them strengthen the security posture of their organization if they knew the root causes of a breach. However, only 40% have the necessary resources to determine the causes of a security incident.

Worryingly, in one third of the cases, the data breach is not detected by the company’s security systems. Instead, it’s reported by a third party.

As far as costs are concerned, malicious breaches cost almost double compared to non-malicious breaches. In the case of non-malicious incidents, loss of reputation, brand value and image are the most serious consequences.

“Security breaches continue to occupy the headlines on a daily basis, making it clear that there is still much work to be done before companies are prepared for the inevitability of today’s advanced targeted attacks,” said John Vecchi, vice president of marketing at Solera Networks.

“In a post-prevention world, organizations must shift their focus toward attaining the real-time visibility, context and big data security analytics needed to see, detect, eradicate and respond to advanced malware and zero-day attacks.”


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