Compliance Toolkit

Kaliber simplifies your compliance efforts

Compliance often seems like an ever-growing, multi-headed monster – a source of constant concern and unpredictable expense.  Kaliber, working with its partners, has assembled best-in-class products and services to relieve you of this burden – by transforming compliance from a large and painful distraction into a simple, routine management function.

Kaliber offers a unique combination of 1) unsurpassed expertise in security systems and processes, 2) a deep knowledge of regulatory issues, and 3) a revolutionary cloud-based IT GRC management platform. It’s all designed to integrate effective IT GRC management into your organizational culture – to make compliance simple and virtually automatic.

Why does an organization need an ongoing and risk-based information security program for compliance?

In our digital and increasingly regulated marketplace, most organizations must now embrace information security and compliance as a management imperative. In addition to broad mandates such as GBLA, HIPAA, and SOX, there are dozens of industry and state-specific mandates. From retailers to government agencies, organizations are expected to develop and maintain on-going information security programs to address vulnerabilities associated not only with technology, but also with people and processes.

Such programs must incorporate best practices, including:

  • Defining appropriate policies and procedures governing employee behavior in regards to information security
  • Educating employees on the information security policies and procedures
  • Verifying their understanding of relevant policies and procedures
  • Managing change over time – including changes in staff, changes in the IT environment, and changes in the nature of present threats

Regulations also require organizations to have regular security assessments performed by an independent third-party who is in no way responsible for the design, maintenance or administration of the network infrastructure or its security controls. Moreover, organizations are also required to have an ongoing security-testing program that includes periodic self assessments.

Kaliber’s Compliance Toolkit offers a full spectrum of expert compliance services:

  • Security Assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • IT Security Audit
  • Social Engineering
  • Security Training
  • Vendor Management

As IT GRC experts, Kaliber knows the security and compliance landscape. We understand the intricacies of mandates large and small, national and local, universal and industry-specific. Our market focus puts our expertise in the areas that are most impacted by the burdens of compliance:

Financial institutions
Retail and business services