Did Sandy knock out your Corporate email?

Kaliber is a Premier Reseller of  Perimeter E-Security’s Archive Anywhere product which provides online access to email history PLUS access to corporate email even if your corporate or email hosting servers are unavailable.

The cloud-based Archive Anywhere service provides an alternative to remote Web portal access, helping organizations of all sizes provide easy, safe and secure messaging for their employees while reducing legal liability and ensuring business continuity.

“Customers want their email archives integrated into the app they use every day: their email client,” said John Viega, EVP, Perimeter E-Security. “Perimeter’s revolutionary Archive Anywhere service lets users search, save and see their archives just like the rest of their email. Perimeter’s solution eliminates the pain of password juggling, separate search boxes and proprietary portals.

Additionally, in the event of a global Exchange interruption, users are assured the ability to send and receive email – thereby ensuring critical messaging continuity.”

Archive Anywhere enhances its existing Messaging Continuity and Messaging Compliance Manager services, and is available as a feature to existing customers, as well as customers of other hosted mail solutions and in-house email. The service is also available as part of Perimeter’s suite of secure cloud messaging solutions.

Any Device, Anywhere: Supports archive browsing and search across all desktop computing platforms including Windows, Apple and Linux, and email-enabled mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and Windows phones.

Archive Anywhere can be up and running in under 30 minutes, for 100 or 100,000 users, without the need for additional software, costly on-premise hardware, or technical support.

Eliminates the burdensome task for Exchange users to export and store emails to PST files.

Support: 24/7/365 network operations center provides monitoring and support to ensure organizations have consistent protection.

With more than one million secure messaging users, including 300,000 on Hosted Exchange, Perimeter E-Security is an enterprise security services provider offering both threat management and secure messaging, underpinned by compliance expertise.

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