Health Care Data Breach Prevention

Kaliber Offers a New Approach for Health Care Organizations

It has become accepted fact that most data breaches occur due to poor employee behavior.  Despite our best efforts, users routinely upload data to file sharing sites, do a poor job of protecting their credentials, and openly email confidential information which should be encrypted.

Now, Kaliber can perform an assessment of your employees’ habits:

  • Who is continuing to log into banned file-sharing sites?
  • Whose credentials are being used from unauthorized locations?
  • Who is sending out emails containing sensitive information?

Long viewed as a toothless tiger, HIPAA is now being enforced more vigorously.  HITECH and the Omnibus Rule substantially increase the penalties for HIPAA violations.

In 2013 alone, there were 199 reported breaches of confidential information covering almost 8 million patient records. These resulted in fines ranging from $50,000 assessed to the Hospice of North Idaho to $1.5 million dollars paid by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Tennessee.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you evaluate your employees’ behavior before you become the next victim of a data breach.

Kaliber  Data Security works with Healthcare organizations to:

  • Identify Potential Risks
  • Assess the state of current  controls
  • Achieve Regulatory and HIPAA Compliance
  • Provide a dashboard to apprise management of the status of the organization’s IT Risk position
  • Provide employee training
  • Develop customized policies
  • Implement email encryption and SPAM filtering