Information Security Management System

Do you need an Information Security Management System?

In 2014, FTI Consulting produced a study that showed data security is now the top concern among corporate directors and general counsel.  Additionally, many data security initiatives are driven by customers who want to be assured that their data is being handled safely and securely.  Unfortunately, our experience shows that most organizations do not have a structured Information Security Management System that allows them to respond authoritatively to the demands of directors and clients.  Instead they rely on ad-hoc spreadsheets and shared documents.

In turn, these ad-hoc systems make tracking  the risk status of vendors and hosting providers cumbersome and difficult to coordinate.

We have also seen that non-structured IT Risk systems are too dependent on the employees who created them and leaves firms vulnerable when they move within the organization or depart for other opportunities.

Automated Management of Risk-based Security
Kaliber streamlines your data protection and compliance functions – including the oversight role of the Chief Security Officer – by combining six key elements.

Our integrated suite of IT GRC management functions includes Risk, Policy, Vulnerability Management and Process, Training, Audit, Compliance, Vendor, and Process.  Our system offers guaranteed currency with all global standards and regulatory mandates by linking to the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) – which stays up to date with every IT-security-related mandate in the world and includes more than 60,000 citations and regulations from hundreds of authorities.

Affordable, Scalable Cloud-based Delivery
A simple yearly subscription delivers the full-force of a complete, always current, enterprise-class solution – without the need for capital investment or additional personnel. Our systems are fully supported by Certified Information Security Professionals so your organization is no longer dependent on employees who could move on to other positions at any time.

Risk: Easily set up and manage your risk-based information security management system, identify your assets, threats and controls, and then mitigate and manage risk with the right controls.

Policy: Your policies, procedures, guidelines, checklists and standards are automatically generated, distributed and tracked.

Vulnerability: Network scanning identifies network vulnerabilities and configuration scanning automates the documentation of your organization’s technical compliance controls.

Training: Our built-in learning management tool delivers our  Information Security Online Training, integrates training with controls, and streamlines tracking of course completion.

Audit: By automatically populating audit fields from other functional areas, you eliminate the need for internal and external auditors to manually verify controls.

Compliance: It’s done! All of the relevant data is already in place – automatically – for the compliance review process.

Vendor: Tracks all of your third-party vendor due diligence efforts to identify and mitigate risks associated with vendor relationships.

Process: Establishes accountability and oversight by electronically tracking and managing business processes through a ticketing system that automatically feeds information back to your risk, audit and compliance programs.

Contact us today to learn how Kaliber’s Information Security Management System can help you structure your IT Security efforts, become more compliant and satisfy your customers’ demands.