IdentityFinder Sensitive Data Discovery

Preventing a data breach starts with knowing where your sensitive information resides.  IdentityFinder makes it both simple and affordable to not only find confidential data, but also protect it from leakage and theft.

Knowing where your employees store sensitive data empowers you to know what to protect and where to remediate.

IdentityFinder helps you inventory, classify,  and report on sensitive information throughout your organization. Search any file type possible including archives (.zip, .gz, .7, .tar, etc.) and use advanced file identification to ensure files are searched with the highest accuracy possible. Search message content and attachments in Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, Apple Mail and others. Search Cloud storage folders including Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive, and more.

Personal Information (PII)
Automatically find Social Security Numbers and other National IDs, Bank Account and Routing Information, Driver Licenses, Dates of Birth, Phone Numbers, Addresses, and Passports.

Toxic Data (PCI and PHI)
Automatically find Payment Card Industry Data (PCI Data) including Credit Card Numbers,Magnetic Stripe/Track Data, and Financial Information as well as Patient Health Information including ePHI and Medical Records.

Intellectual Property and Custom Data
Create unique rules to find confidential information matching custom patterns of data, proprietary dictionary terms, and unique validation rules.