A Few Quick Password Tips

Based on a recent study at Carnegie Mellon University these are a few simple things that can make your passwords less vulnerable to brute force attacks:

Place digits and symbols anywhere but at the end.

Place uppercase characters anywhere but at the beginning.

Multiple characters spread out in more than one location are associated with the strongest passwords. With characters spread out they are only 20% and 30% as likely to be guessed as passwords with digits and symbols, respectively, at the end.

So, bad:





These are short examples. The best passwords should be at least 8 characters with 12 being preferable.

Also, standard substitutions are being easily deciphered by hacking algorithms.


K3nn3th* is bad.

And, finally, easily recognizable phrases, even with extra characters are hackable:

M@ryH@d@LittleL@mb123* is not all that secure.

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