Security Incident Response Plan

Do your employees know how to report a Security Incident?

Security compromises occur at every level of computing – from an individual’s desktop computer to the largest and best-protected systems in an organization. Incidents can be accidental or deliberate attacks and can range from benign to malicious. Regardless, each incident requires careful response at a level proportional to  its potential impact.

Especially for an IT security incident that is potentially serious, your organization needs to have established procedures so that reports are made quickly and accurately.  Your Security Incident Response Plan will determine the nature of the security event, what protocols will be followed and whether the incident should be handled internally or needs to be escalated to include law enforcement or outside counsel.

Additionally, it is imperative that your Security Incident Response plan includes a log to record a detailed history of actions taken to assure that a complete analysis can be made and to assure that similar incidents are prevented.

Kaliber’s Certified Information Security Professionals can help you establish checklists and define the responsibilities in securing systems while assisting administrators and other IT staff to resolve security problems quickly, and notify the appropriate people as the situation warrants.

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