Online Security Training

Security awareness training is a key aspect of any corporate security program.

Kaliber’s best-in-class online security training helps you meet your training compliance requirements while building a more secure organization.

We teach users what they can do to protect confidential data by focusing on the use of mobile devices, password confidentiality and the appropriate use of email.

Our training also creates awareness of “social engineering”, or the art of separating private data from employees through confidence games, lying, or email phishing. There are limited technical defenses for social engineering attacks, so education is the best defense you have.

Kaliber’s strong education plan applies consistency to the program and can be set to automatically start on the first day of a new employee’s orientation and send automatic reminders as new courses become available or as compliance requirements change.

The advantages of the Kaliber solution include:

  • The most engaging online content
  • Customizations which may include script edits, branding and company specific contact information.
  • Courses that are compatible with tablets as well as laptops and desktop computers
  • Automatic notifications which are sent to users who have not completed their assigned courses
  • Tracking and reporting of testing is built in
  • Easy deployment of new courses to specific users and/or departments