Do you Really Need an Information Security Manager?

If you are a large multi-national corporation you need an Information Security Manager. If you are a large bank you need an Information Security Manager. If you are a large retailer or medical institution you definitely need an Information Security Manager. In fact, if you are any of these, you probably need a team of […]

Applying CIA Concepts to Cyber Resilience

In classical information security practice [It is interesting to note that the need for information security is barely 30 years old and conventional practice is already considered “classical.”] an organization is expected to identify and categorize its critical assets;  evaluate security threats and vulnerabilities;  categorize the impact of those threats on the Confidentiality, Integrity and […]

How the Target Breach and the Malaysian Flight 370 Mystery are Related

While there has been at least one article (link) suggesting that hackers could have diverted the Malaysian jet which mysteriously disappeared over the South Pacific, what really unites the jet mystery with the Target breach is the topic of “alarm overload.” Numerous public safety incidents have, over the years, been linked to alarm systems that […]