Do you Really Need an Information Security Manager?

If you are a large multi-national corporation you need an Information Security Manager. If you are a large bank you need an Information Security Manager. If you are a large retailer or medical institution you definitely need an Information Security Manager. In fact, if you are any of these, you probably need a team of […]

Applying CIA Concepts to Cyber Resilience

In classical information security practice [It is interesting to note that the need for information security is barely 30 years old and conventional practice is already considered “classical.”] an organization is expected to identify and categorize its critical assets;  evaluate security threats and vulnerabilities;  categorize the impact of those threats on the Confidentiality, Integrity and […]

Is your Firm Spending too much on Information Security?

Vendor-neutral security audits are an important way for companies to get a measure of their risks and the appropriateness of the controls they have instituted.

Five Habits Of Highly Secure Organizations

Ben Rothke of Wyndham Worldwide lays out five important habits of highly secure organizations.

Companies take 80 days to Discover a Data Breach

Solera Networks has published the results of a global study based on the answers provided by over 3,500 IT and IT security professionals whose organizations suffered at least one data breach in the past 24 months. Made by the Ponemon Institute on behalf of Solera, “The Post Breach Boom” report shows some interesting things about […]